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Go from onboarding to live data in minutes

Deploy standard IoT solutions

Standard IoT modules
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Plug & play IoT sensor solutions

Our Xenses gather your data, our Xentrals transfer your data (some have built-in Xenses) and our Xervices forward your data via cloud-based APIs. With different levels of Xervices to choose from you get flexibility in data access, monitoring and configuring.
Xtellio Data Bowtie


Xtellio Xentral
  • e-SIM as std. (std. data costs included in license)
  • Battery-powered (up to 10 years) or with fixed power
  • Multiple sensor feature options available as std.
  • Certified for EU/North America (CE/FCC/PTCRB)
  • Dimensions: 106 mm x 58 mm x 27 mm (std. housing)
Communicates to Xervice cloud via the mobile network (NB-IoT/LTE-M) with optimal signal penetration and range. With no need to access to local data infrastructure the Xense devices create an independent sensor network with minimal data security risk. Each Xentral can collect information from +100 Bluetooth Xenses within a 50-80 meter range (indoor).
NB-IoT LTE-M Gateway Xentral

Gateway Xentral

The most basic version of the Xtellio Xentral portfolio, which delivers location data and acts as a gateway for Xenses
Download Sales Sheet
NB-IoT LTE-M Tracking Xtentral

Tracking Xentral

Similar to the Gateway Xentral but with an accelerometer to enable tracking while on the move
Download Sales Sheet
NB-IoT LTE-M Air Quality Xentral

Air Quality Xentral

Monitor ambient temperature and relative humidity on a location defined by this Xentrals GPS module
Download Sales Sheet
NB-IoT LTE-M Radar Xentral

Radar Xentral

Use the onboard radar to measure distances and report/notify on changes in e.g. bulk/waste fill or water levels
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NB-IoT LTE-M Card Reader Xentral

Card Reader Xentral

With a built-in RFID/NFC module this Xentral reads and registers ID cards for time management and documentation
Q4 2022
NB-IoT LTE-M CO2 Air Quality Xentral

CO2 Air Quality Xentral

As an extension of the Air Quality Xentral this solution also measures and relays CO2 levels
Q4 2022
NB-IoT LTE-M Digital I/O Xentral

Digital I/O Xentral

If you need to plug into digital systems to monitor usage/activity this Xentral will give you on/off insights (hi/lo)
Q4 2022
NB-IoT LTE-M Metering Xentral

Metering Xentral

Collect data from external utility meters which transmit meter ID and level data via the Wireless M-Bus protocol
Q4 2023


Xtellio Xense sensor device
  • Bluetooth 5.X ready (50-80 meter range indoor)
  • Battery powered with battery-life up to 10 years.
  • Possibility for Energy Harvesting powering.
  • Dimensions: 40mm x 30mm x 8mm (depending on housing)
Our Bluetooth devices have an ultra-small form factor with a ruggedized design targeted industrial use-cases. The Xense sensor options are many and they are mostly battery powered with battery-life up to 10 years.
The Xense devices connects to a Xentral gateway that forward collected data to the Cloud for API interactions.
With no need to access to local data infrastructure the Xense devices create an independent sensor network with minimal data security risk.
Bluetooth beacon sensor

Beacon Xense

With a unique identifyer this device can be used to tag assets for easy overview of inventory and availability
Thermocouple Xense

Thermocouple Xense

Yields a very accurate temperature with a wide operating range for use in harsh industrial environments
Bluetooth PT1000 sensor

PT1000 Temperature Xense

The PT1000 enables measuring in a specific point using a small, wired temperature probe
Bluetooth magnet hall sensor

Magnet/Hall Xense

This device detects the presence of a magnet counterpart and can be used to detect opening or as cycle counter
NB-IoT LTE-M Digital I/O Xentral

Voltage I/O Xense

If there is a need to detect on/off signals this device can be connected and will detect hi/lo voltage changes
Ligth sensor icon

Light Xense

Sensing light can be important within  museums and medico but is also used for tampering detection
Q4 2022
NB-IoT LTE-M Air Quality Xentral

Air Quality Xense

This easy-to-deploy device will measure ambient temperature and relative humidity and relay to a Xentral
Q4 2022
Acellerometer sensor

Accelerometer Xense

Sensing movement and vibration to notify of state changes or indicate problems before they get critical
Exp. Q4 2022


Go from onboarding to live data in minutes with:

Mobile app onboarding

Easy Onboarding

Mobile app for easy onboarding and pairing of your Xentrals and Xenses. Use the Onboarding app on site for first time set-up of Xentral, and for pairing of up to 100 Xenses.
Works with both iOS and Android.
device management service

Device Management

Organize and monitor your devices with the Device Management service.
Use the Name and Tag features to group select devices.
View basic health and connectivity details, and manage even firmware and configurations settings.
Data via public API

Public API

The Xentral and Xense data is stored on our secure Cloud platform, and always available for you, or your vendor to use.
Browse the suite of capability based API’s, and consult our Developer Portal for instructions on how to connect and integrate.

Customer IoT cases

Standard gateway and sensor devices

Telia Adopted - a reseller of Xtellio IoT products

From the summer of 2022 Telia Adopted will power their IoT data gathering via Xtellio solutions. Creating unique, business critical insights and data visualizations from the Xtellio devices and cloud APIs
Open window sensor

Saint Gobain facility management

Saint Gobain is experiencing massive growth within their IoT division and have partnered with Xtellio for new IoT data gathering/forwarding solutions to deploy internationally within the facility management vertical.
NB-IoT LTE-M Card reader device

Docospot KN Rengøring (time management)

Docospot is an extremely specialized software company that base their time managment and time documentation software on the std. Xtellio ID registration Xentral. All for cleaning crews to document time spent on-site.

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