We turn real-world sensing into data

Deploy standard IoT devices now or create a new solution to rapidly power your digital strategy

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Wireless IoT devices with API forwarding

Deploy Plug & Play standard devices easily or create a custom solution from a modular foundation. The core value delivered: Data-points gathered from the Xtellio devices and forwarded from a cloud environment via APIs.

We call this:

Data, at your service

Instant business value across industry verticals

Construction & Equipment Rental

Our devices enable real-time tracking of non-powered assets; remote monitoring of critical parameters like e.g. location, temperature, humidity, movement or power drain monitoring. Build the collected data into the software application of your choice via easy API integrations.
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Utilities, Waste & Infrastructure

Get insights to e.g. waste containers that needs emptying to optimize logistics planning and improve customer service. Benefit from remote monitoring of waste, water or bulk material levels to decrease costs and efforts from manual inspections and integrate the data easily via APIs into your application.
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Facility Management

Data collection solutions provides control over energy consumption and building conditions to prevent damage. Use our Metering Xentral for remote reading of 3rd party power, water or gas meters via wireless M-Bus or deploy solutions to measure temperature, humidity or CO2 levels.
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Industy 4.0 & Smart Factory

Monitor energy consumption and use our various sensor devices to stay in control of parameters that might impact product quality and operational downtime. Our devices establish a sensor network independent from your internal IT infrastructure. Deployment does not impact your production and secure access to data is enabled via cloud-based APIs.
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Xtellio unfolded

Illustration of three Xtellio Xenses


A small, wireless device, that sense conditions from its surroundings and transfer the information wireless to an Xtellio Xentral. Xense devices are usually battery powered with a battery-life up to 10 years.


Xtellio Xentrals transfer data to the Cloud Xervices via the mobile network (NB-IoT/LTE-M). Xentral gateways can be paired with Xenses but can also have built-in sensors as battery or fixed power options.


Xtellio Xervices gives you full data freedom and flexibility. Monitor and configure your devices with the device management interface, or by leveraging the APIs from 3rd. party software.

Data, at your service means

Standard devices

An extensive device portfolio makes many sensing options readily available, all through standardized modularity

Plug & Play

Fast and easy installation, device pairing and onboarding through  5G/NB-IoT/LTE-M technologies

Ruggedized hardware

Ruggedized/robust device designs for industrial use. From component selection to mechanical specifications
Data via public API

You control the data

Cloud based APIs gives you flexibility and freedom to choose any data application for data visualization

Infrastructure security

5G communication create an independent sensor-network and  keeps security risks minimal

Rapid development

With decades of combined IoT experience our team of developers can accelerate custom solution launches

The Xtellio concept

We are here to help you succeed, and we want that to happen as fast as possible.
This is why we offer our partners to base their IoT solution needs and ideas on the vast experience we have from developing other projects. The Xtellio concept is based on standard solutions that can be deployed with minimal effort through a seamless onboarding experience. Should you have a need to adjust to fit your specific use-case, we can base most developments on approx. 80% of our std. portfolio and define/build the remaining 20% though co-creation scenarios.

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Standard IoT modules


Standard IoT solutions

Deploy standalone Xentrals or pair with Xenses to get live insights from your equipment in minutes. Off-the-shelf solutions that are easy to set up and work with. The core of Xtellio Deploy is a suite of capability based API’s that connect the Xentral and Xense data to your application.


Custom IoT solutions

With our extensive IoT solution experience, we co-create solutions tailored to your use-case. By re-using the Xtellio standard solutions foundation we help you minimize risk, cost and accelerate your time-to-market.

Price and subscription

The devices (Xentrals) you purchase from Xtellio generate and transmit data throughout their entire lifecycle, leading to your subscription to Xtellio Xervices.
Xtellio Xervices includes data usage, Xtellio Cloud storage, the Xtellio Butler web app (your command center for managing purchased devices), the Xtellio Picco mobile app (your on-the-go companion for easy device pairing via QR code scan), and API documentation for integrating data into your own software.
You can tailor your subscription to your specific needs by choosing from the three available tiers.
Download the PDF below for a full description of Xtellio Xervices.

Xtellio in use:

Upgrade to industry 4.0 and IIoT insights without downtime

All you need to get started with Industry 4.0 are a few Xenses, a Xentral and a capability to work with data from Cloud based APIs. Then you can easily build your own visualizations and data event triggers in your own application. Xtellio offers robust devices specifically for the professional and industrial segment. Setting up the Xtellio system is so easy that it does not require highly specialized technical skills. It is wireless and can be put in action in approx. half an hour – without having to stop any production.

Utility monitoring and facility management via IoT

The development of cheap sensor technologies provides exciting opportunities within building operations and utility management. By collecting sensor and metering data in buildings, you gain insight to environmental conditions and utility usage. Data can be used to e.g. help residents know when to ventilate a room to minimize the risk of mold or ensure optimal working conditions with lower CO2. Setup a Metering Xentral to retrieve data from all your digital utility meters and combine in a single, central interface.

Secure data flexibility via APIs - you control and own your data and visualization

Xtellio data will not disrupt your existing data infrastructure. We make use of 5G communication which create an independent sensor-network, keeping security risks minimal. As you use APIs to access your data, you are in full control of where they go. You can use your own server, Microsoft Azure Cloud or another 3rd party solution supporting APIs for monitoring in dashboard etc. Should you stop using Xtellio, you still have your valuable data history under your control, exactly where you saved them.

Digitize your product to understand customer behavior

Adding IoT solutions into existing products means that you can gain insights as to how your product are being used. Digitizing your products will increase your insight to customer and product user behavior. Furthermore, data is today seen as a natural value-adding service - many customers are willing to pay for it. You can use our std. Xense and Xentral devices right off the shelf or we can co-create a custom solution to build our technology platform into your product.

Positive changes to the bottom line via remote monitoring and service on-demand

Many Xtellio customers use our solutions for remote monitoring of service related products. These result in massive savings on transportation, man-hours and supply inventory. We have many data collecting solutions to cover various monitoring scenarios which can help you improve your bottom line through more efficiency. Reach out about your challenges and we can help you to retrieve the data you need.

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