Accelerate your launch and enjoy easy data access

Create custom IoT solutions

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Endless customization outcomes

Create from standard

The simplest form of customization - Use the std. device portfolio (the 80%) as an á-la-carte menu to create your own
Xtentral mechanical formfactor in xtended battery version and a custom mechanical formfactor of a Xense device

Design to specs

Define - or fit to - mechanical formfactor and ingest use-case specific sensors to drive your unique data insights

Embedded solutions

Companies executing a digital strategy with a desire to implement IoT functionality to their existing products

Connect your product

Collect data from your product via wireless M-bus or low-power, short-range technology and use our Xentral devices as a gateway.

Fixed power

Enable extensive data collection and transmissions by connecting our Xentrals to fixed power.

Wired inputs

Collect voltage readings or data from external equipment through wired connections like RS232, digital I/O or cycle / time counters.

Custom development examples

We enjoy an extensive list of long-time partners that validate our IoT competencies by bringing in repeat projects as new challenges or opportunities arise. We truly appreciate our partnerships and are proud of the solutions we create together.

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Accelerate through co-creation

With our extensive IoT solution experience and engineering expertise, we co-create solutions tailored to your specific use-case. By implementing adjustments to our standard solutions we minimize risk and cost to accelerate your time-to-market.

Create the last 20% with an experienced partner

Co-create upon the existing standard modules within the Xtellio portfolio. No need to start from scratch to become an expert on embedded firmware, IoT devices and Cloud APIs - Focus on the value the data brings to your applications and stay in control!

Rapid market launch

With an ~80% head-start from the standard Xtellio device and feature solutions, you will enjoy an accelerated development cycle and launch quickly

Full front-end control

You know your business best! Full visualization freedom by integrating  the collected data to any application via the capability based Xtellio APIs

Strategic partnering

Decades of in-house IoT development experience enables the Xtellio team to execute on requests through Design Thinking & Co-creation methodologies

Powering your IoT data collection

More than 75 IoT projects since the early 2000s lets you tap into an already existing array of sensor options and features
Xtellio available sensor modules


Enjoy tailored data Xervices to fit your use-case and infrastructure.

We have made custom IoT solution projects modular through a standardized hardware foundation and offer full data freedom from our cloud-based APIs.
device management service

Device Management

Organize and monitor your devices with Xtellio Butler (web app) or Xtellio Picco (mobile app). Use the Name and Tag features to group select devices.
View basic health and connectivity details, and manage even firmware and configurations settings.
Mobile app onboarding

Easy Onboarding

Your Xentral is activated with a simple push of its button. If you want to pair a Xentral with Xenses, it's easily done with Xtellio Picco (mobile app) where you simply scan the QR code on the Xenses you want to pair it with. It works with both iOS and Android.
Data via public API

Public API

The Xentral and Xense data is stored on our secure Cloud platform, and always available for you, or your vendor to use.
Browse the suite of capability based API’s, and consult our Developer Portal for instructions on how to connect and integrate.

Streaming API

Get your equipment insights in real-time with the Streaming Data Xervice.
Set up and configure your stream, to make sure the collected device data is pushed automatically to your preferred environment.

Partner API

Complementing your customized solution, and only available to you as a strategic business partner.
Partner API’s are safeguarded on our secure Cloud platform, just as our Public API’s.

Price and subscription

The devices (Xentrals) you purchase from Xtellio generate and transmit data throughout their entire lifecycle, leading to your subscription to Xtellio Xervices.
Xtellio Xervices includes data usage, Xtellio Cloud storage, the Xtellio Butler web app (your command center for managing purchased devices), the Xtellio Picco mobile app (your on-the-go companion for easy device pairing via QR code scan), and API documentation for integrating data into your own software.
You can tailor your subscription to your specific needs by choosing from the three available tiers.
Download the PDF below for a full description of Xtellio Xervices.

Developing with Xtellio

With Xtellio / Xtel Wireless as your development partner you get access to one of Denmarks highest specialized IoT teams. We handle every development process within hardware, embedded software, prototyping, production and cloud based APIs from our head quarter in Aalborg, Denmark.
We are specialist in:
Energy Harvesting
Smart Sensors
Azure Cloud Services

Our customers say

“When we decided to upgrade our solution from being WiFi-based to be based on the NB-IoT/LTE-M technology, we search the market for the best partner. Quite quickly, we chose Xtellio who are specialists within the field and are super skilled in hardware development and battery optimization”

Thomas Munch-Laursen, Co-founder & CEO at Aguardio.

“After our collaboration with Xtellio about Aguardio G2, we had no doubt that they also should develop our Leak Sensor. They are not only extremely skilled, they are also a very understanding and comfortable partner”

Thomas Munch-Laursen, Co-founder & CEO at Aguardio.

“Sanistål has appreciated Xtellio's flexibility and ability to work together towards a shared goal. This, together with Xtellio's IoT competencies, Sanistål's e-commerce competencies and a common pragmatic approach, has resulted in a fully digitized and fully integrated EasySupply SmartButton inventory management solution that we can offer to our customers today”

Lars Andersen, Head of Development E-Business at Sanistål A/S

“It was highly important for IoTrace to have a skilled partner to develop our hardware platform since the majority of our solutions must operate in extremly demanding environments depending even more on stability. By the help of Xtellio, we can today provide proactive IoT solutions which don’t compromises on stability, coverage or up time”

Peter Nødbak, CEO at IoTrace

"Thanks to the expertise of Xtellio, we are now able to offer proactive IoT solutions that can operate in extremely demanding environments with high expectations for stability and coverage"

Peter Nødbak, CEO at IoTrace

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