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We are Xtellio

We are a highly specialized team of experts within IoT devices and cloud based solutions. For decades we have developed innovative wireless solutions to companies across multiple industry verticals. This experience is shared with partners to launch remarkable and ingenious IoT solutions that cover data gathering at the edge to data forwarding via open, cloud-based APIs.

Xtellio is winner of The HI Sustainable Development Award 2023!

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crazy active IoT devices worldwide


busy years within the IoT industry


learning years taming wireless technologies


hyper skilled IoT specialist, at your service


supercool awardwinning solutions launched since 2018


awesome customer projects delivered


Our customers say

“When we decided to upgrade our solution from being WiFi-based to be based on the NB-IoT/LTE-M technology, we search the market for the best partner. Quite quickly, we chose Xtellio who are specialists within the field and are super skilled in hardware development and battery optimization”

Thomas Munch-Laursen, Co-founder & CEO at Aguardio.

“After our collaboration with Xtellio about Aguardio G2, we had no doubt that they also should develop our Leak Sensor. They are not only extremely skilled, they are also a very understanding and comfortable partner”

Thomas Munch-Laursen, Co-founder & CEO at Aguardio.

“Sanistål has appreciated Xtellio's flexibility and ability to work together towards a shared goal. This, together with Xtellio's IoT competencies, Sanistål's e-commerce competencies and a common pragmatic approach, has resulted in a fully digitized and fully integrated EasySupply SmartButton inventory management solution that we can offer to our customers today”

Lars Andersen, Head of Development E-Business at Sanistål A/S

“It was highly important for IoTrace to have a skilled partner to develop our hardware platform since the majority of our solutions must operate in extremly demanding environments depending even more on stability. By the help of Xtellio, we can today provide proactive IoT solutions which don’t compromises on stability, coverage or up time”

Peter Nødbak, CEO at IoTrace

"Thanks to the expertise of Xtellio, we are now able to offer proactive IoT solutions that can operate in extremely demanding environments with high expectations for stability and coverage"

Peter Nødbak, CEO at IoTrace

Xtellio is winner of The IoT-Prize of the Year 2023!

Award winning projects

HI Sustainable Development Award
Winner 2023
Nordic IoT Center - IoT solution of the year
Winner 2023
CES - Innovation Awards
Honoree 2022
Nordic IoT Center - IoT solution of the year
Winner 2021
SDG Tech Awards, Denmark
Winner 2021
BMA - Water Efficiency Award
Winner 2021

We are Xtellio

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