January 5, 2024

Xtellio Picco mobile app is available - get it now!

Xtellio Picco App is now available on the App Store and Google Play!

Introducing Xtellio Picco: your on-the-go device companion! Designed for professionals like you, it simplifies the management of Xtellio Xentral and Xense devices while seamlessly integrating with the Xtellio Butler web application.

Key features:

  • Device List: Get a quick and comprehensive overview of all your connected devices. Xtellio Picco provides key details such as serial number, device type, current state, and latest transmission timestamps. Stay informed at a glance!
  • Pairing: Effortlessly pair your Xentral and Xense devices using your smartphone camera. Simply scan the QR codes, and Xtellio Picco ensures a swift and secure connection. Say goodbye to complex setup processes and embrace the convenience of seamless pairing.
  • Map: Track the latest location of your devices with the Map feature. Xtellio Picco not only allows you to monitor device locations but also provides a historical trail. Whether you need to locate a device instantly or review its journey over time, the Map feature has you covered.

Stay connected, manage devices on the move, and elevate your experience with the Xtellio Picco app. Download now and take your on-the-go productivity to new heights!

Get Xtellio Picco mobile app here:

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