March 22, 2022

Xtel Wireless names Tom Valbak Aardestrup Chief Executive Officer

Torben Lund Clement (left) and Tom Valbak Aardestrup (right)

Already in effect, as pr. December 2021, Tom Valbak Aardestrup has been appointed CEO of Xtel Wireless. Torben Lund Clement transitions to CTO at his own request; Lars Riisberg (Logimatic Holding) remains Chairman of the Board.

In 2021 Torben Lund Clement, who founded Xtel in 2006, decided along with shareholders from Logimatic Holding, that Xtel Wireless was ready for an infusion of focused strategic and commercial leadership to help define and execute a new strategy and drive the full potential of the Xtel Wireless organization and solutions forward.

Lars Riisberg – Chairman of the Board and Logimatic’s representative:

“We have been searching for a new leadership profile to supplement the company as it was finalizing the foundational technology platform for market launch. Since Tom left Trackunit this summer we have been in close contact, and we are now very excited to have him fully on board. The new strategic vision has been set for the company and the Board has full faith that the new leadership duo of Tom and Torben will have the power to realize the massivepotential of Xtel Wireless going forward”.

Tom Valbak Aardestrup (48) has a background from a very similar technology sphere as he spent 10 years with the telematics and software provider Trackunit - the absolute global leader within off-highway telematics and fleet management software solutions. During these years he focused on salesand business development moving to division leadership as he led Trackunit’s entry into the North American market as COO from 2016-2018. Upon returning from the US, the next years were focused on building and securing strategic OEM partnerships and commercializing a new strategic concept initiative of industry-wide Cloud/API data-sharing solutions.

Tom Valbak Aardestrup – New CEO:

“I feel truly inspired to join a company of such amazing technological competence within the IoT field. This company has a strong history of deep development partnerships and co-created solutions, which have been pivotal for the past victories by turning real-world sensing into data. I am excited to take part in this next journey where focus will be on consolidating the existing solutions into a fully controlled and supported modular IoT play with the clear benefit of seamless access to data via the new Xtellio concept solutions”.

Tom Valbak Aardestrup brings vast experience in commercializing new digital solutions, go-to-market strategies, and solution conceptualization along with honest and inclusive leadership of tightly knit teams that go the extra mile for the greater good of all involved.

Torben Clement – Previous CEO transitioning to the CTO role:

“I fully support and congratulate Tom on this new appointment. I see such a great fit between the experience that Tom brings to Xtel Wireless and what this company is now ready for. I have driven the leadership of this company until now and I now pass on the torch for Tom to magnify and execute on the opportunities that lie within our developed solutions. We have already spent many days together in strategizing mode and I can truly say that I feel safe with the new leadership focus of the company”.

The new strategic focus will originate from the multiple partner specific projects that Xtel Wireless has developed and delivered during the past 4-5 years. This soon-to-launch “Xtellio” concept, which originates around full value-chain control of modular IoT devices/sensors, that retrieve datafrom real-world deployments and make the collected data-points available in a fully documented and Cloud based API/data exchange depository. This gives partners maximum deployment benefits and a fully flexible data access to ingest into their own, or 3rd party applications.

Xtel Wireless/Xtellio is a Danish IoT technology company focusing on development of sensor- and communication devices with embedded firmware and Cloud based API solutions for data forwarding. Even though solutions are primarily focused on industrial applications the Xtellio solutions are deployed across a wide selection of industry verticals. Partners data consumption is pulled from a unified and identical data access point in the Cloud while enjoying full hardware modularity from standardized sensor and gateway modules.

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