Sanistål is digitizing the LEAN kanban system

Custom created solution

By using a specially designed display and button device, Sanistål has fully automated the parts re-ordering process into real-time actions. Push button to order new parts from Sanistaal web-shop and push again when received.

EasySupply SmartButton – digitized reordering system with IoT

Xtellio has, in close collaboration with Sanistål, developed an IoT solution, which is the latest digital feature of Sanistål’s inventory management concepts. The solution optimizes the reordering process for Sanistål’s customers, as it simplifies ordering, saves time and provides a data basis for optimizing the storage.

EasySupply SmartButtons and gateway integrated with Saniståls webshop

Sanistål’s customers have small storages with their most used consumables, ranging from plumbing fittings, bolts, chemical products, gloves ect. which Sanistål helps operate by their concept solutions and hereby release resources and time for their customers. In order to optimize product purchasing and warehousing operations for Sanistål’s customers, we have, in close collaboration with Sanistål, developed EasySupply SmartButton.

EasySupply SmartButton is a display device with two buttons, which are placed at the customer’s storage. All items have an EasySupply SmartButton connected, and when refilling is needed, new supplies are ordered by pressing the button. Sanistål ensures, in close dialogue with the customer, that it is always the right items and re-order quantities that are available, so it matches the customer’s needs.

All EasySupply SmartButtons send data via low-power short-range wireless technology to a 5G gateway located in the storage, which delivers the order to Sanistål via the NB-loT and LTE-M technologies.

Data basis for optimizations and resource savings

EasySupply SmartButton meets an increasing need for flexibility and product availability while saving resources. With integration to Sanistål’s online store and the data foundation that the solution now provides, Sanistål can help identify high-frequency and low-frequency items for their customers, whereby the product selection and stock can be optimized.

It is not only Sanistål’s customers who benefits from the developed solution. The solution ensures digitization of core processes for Sanistål as well which release resources for further value creation for their customers.

Technical specification

The system includes:

- Custom developed SmartButtons with Low-power short-range wireless technology
- Xtellio Gateway Xentral with fixed power with NB-IoT / LTE-M technologies

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