IoT to the ocean’s diesel engines at MAN ES

Custom created solution

MAN Energy Solutions optimizes and streamlines its giant diesel engines with Xtellio's small wireless IoT sensors.

Efficiency and optimization, with real impact

MAN Energy Solutions is the world’s largest designer and manufacturer of diesel engines – diesel engines that can be the size of a multi-storey building and can consume up to 200 tonnes of fuel per day. In cases like this, even half a percent of fuel is saved per day, is something that can be seen in the budget – just like a day saved in the repair dock is something that really helps in the budget.

Customers, the shipowners themselves, demand data, which is why Xtellio has tailored a sensor package that MAN Energy Solutions can offer their customers, based on our IoT sensor package. The sensor package is wireless and differs from the previously used wired sensor solutions by being easy for the customer to set up – without ‘down-time’. The only thing being wired is the supplied gateway, which collects data from the IoT sensors and sends the data into the Cloud via open sea satellite or when the ship is in port.

Wireless IoT sensors are easy to integrate for even non-technical staff, saves the precious ‘down-time’ and significantly reduce installation costs compared to traditional wired sensors.

Technical specification

An IoT setup for the raw maritime environment requires a special robustness that we of course have taken into consideration during the development of both Xtellio's Xenses and Xentral Gateway.

The sensors can measure:

- Engine temperature
- Humidity
- Barometric pressure
- Atmospheric pressure
- Vibration

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