Docospot KN Rengøring (time management)

Standard deployed solution

Docospot is an extremely specialized software company that base their time managment and time documentation software on the std. Xtellio Card Reader Xentral. All for cleaning crews to document time spent on-site.

Time tracking of cleaning with IoT Card Reader

KN Rengøring was looking for a simple solution for registration of cleaning hours at their customers. Earlier, they have tried out many different solutions which involved apps, tablets and other registrations features, which all made it cumbersome for the cleaning staff. Either it required the employees to use their private mobile at work or tablets to be set up at the customer, which resulted in KN Rengøring being dependent on the customers’ WiFi and power supply.

Xtellio has developed a simple solution where the only thing the employee needs for time tracking, is their own ID Card. At the customers, a battery-powered IoT device is placed. It works as a card reader and accesses the cloud via the mobile network, NB-IoT and LTE-M. Each employee got a unique ID card which they simply need to scan on the card reader when they arrive and again when leaving the location.

Hereby, the device registers the time spent by the individual employee at the location and the IoT card reader sends the collected data, which then can be used for accounting and salaries.

Reliable documentation for the customer

In addition to time tracking, the data is also utilized as reliable documentation of employees’ time registration and presence to the customer.  Hereby the customer can always follow the cleaning status. In unfortunate situations, where e.g. dirt has been dragged in shortly after the cleaning, it is now also possible to prove that an employee has cleaned that day.

Data historic for optimizing workflows and business

The collected data is automatically visualized in our Web App where an overview of numbers and graphs is created. It makes it extremely easy to keep track of whether more or less time is spent than budgeted.  At the same time, structure and predictability are created for both KN Rengøring and their employees which forms a reliable foundation for optimizing the business.

Technical specification

The system includes:

- NB-IoT / LTE-M
- Card Reader (NFC)
- ID cards
- Long battery lifetime
- Web App

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