Environmental monitoring of H.C. Andersen’s collection

Standard deployed solution

For CHARP Art Care, we have developed a solution that ensures that the collection at H.C. Andersens Hus is constantly stored in the most optimal conditions for preservation.

Monitoring of climate and light in showcases

Temperature, humidity and light are essential for preserving objects for many years since art must be placed in a stable climate with correct values.  To preserve the collection in showcases at H.C. Andersens Hus in Odense, we have for CHARP Art Care, who delivers the entire environmental monitoring to the museum, developed a solution that monitors values and detects changes in temperature, humidity and light in the showcases. When values are exceeded, employees will be warned to ensure that problems can be solved in time.

IoT device and sensors for digitizing the preservation of old H.C. Andersen objects

The solution is very simple – a discreet sensor is placed within every 42 showcases and does constantly monitor the values. Via low-power short-range wireless connection, they all send data to an NB-IoT device, which works as a gateway. The device uses the IoT technology NB-IoT, by which it directly connects to the mobile network for sending data and alerting employees if necessary.

Using NB-IoT ensures low data consumption and battery lifetime up to 10 years as well as an extremely good range and depth of penetration.

Technical specification

The solution includes:

- Xtellio Xenses (Temperature, humidity and Light)
- Xtellio Gateway Xentral
- White label solution

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