Sensor device detecting a leaking toilet

Custom created solution

For our partner, Aguardio, we have developed a Leak Sensor that is easily mounted around the water inlet with a strip that requires no plumbing and detects leaks before they become a costly problem.

The Leak Sensor solves a problem that can typically cost €700 to €3,800 per toilet each year

Leaking toilets can be challenging to detect as water trickles down the inner backside of the toilet pan. Although the problem might not be noticeable at first, it becomes evident when the water bill arrives. Aguardio's Leak Sensor clamps onto the toilet water inlet, fastened with a strip, and measures if there is constant water flow inside the pipe.

When a leak is detected, the Leak Sensor's alarm system goes off, notifying you of the problem. Installing the leak sensor will give you peace of mind, ensuring that you do not receive an unwanted water bill that is higher than expected.

The Leak Sensor works in two ways

The Leak Sensor can operate as a stand-alone unit, making a sound when it detects a leak. However, it is also compatible with another IoT device, Aguardio G2, which helps to reduce time spent under the shower by using nudging. Aguardio G2 has built-in gateway functionality, and when paired with the Leak Sensor, the facility manager, landlord, or tenant will be notified of any leaks.

Water leakage in toilets is a problem that is often not properly assessed, which is unfortunate as it ends up being costly, not only for the environment but also for the people whose toilets are leaking

Recently, a family from Denmark experienced this issue at their holiday home, and neither their wallet nor the environment benefitted from it. Before the leak was detected, over a 32-day period, the leak wasted around 283 m3 of clean water and around 14,933 DKK or €2,000. In this case, the family left the holiday home with the flush button pressed down, leaving it constantly flushing.

Technical specification

The system includes:
- Built-in sensors
- Low-power short-range wireless technology
- Long battery life

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