Nudging device to preserve water while showering

Custom created solution

Aguardio has made a device to change shower behavior and reduce water and energy consumption. Winner of multiple awards already we see massive potential for the environment, as well as for an ever-developing partnership.

Nudging device for savings in the shower via IoT technology

Xtelio has developed the new Aguardio Generation 2, which helps building owners saving water and energy by reducing time under the shower. It facilitates changes in behavior by a unique combination of big data and symbolic/nudging, which means that Arguardio is not a raised finger but a solution that encourages the user into a more sustainable direction.

Aguardio consists of a device to be placed on the wall in the shower cabinet which contains a number of sensors (movement, temperature and humidity) that automatically detect showers. The device counts the time of the shower, and the display informs the current time consumption during the entire shower. Thereby, the user can keep track of, and be aware of, how long time spent under the shower.

Aguardio Generation 2

Aguardio has been on the market for a few years but could benefit from several improvements including wireless technology, which is why we have developed Aguardio G2. In addition to the intelligent timer and the new display, we have also connected the device to the NB-IoT/LTE-M network and simplified the product from two to one device.

The new device fulfills the desire for a simple installation being independent of water and energy installation as well as connection to WiFi. The device can now be installed in literally minutes and goes automatically online on a stable and future-proof mobile network which moreover also improves the battery life significantly.

The sensors of the device send information about the shower to a database in the cloud, and via the mobile phone, you can get an overview of the development in the households’ shower patterns. You can directly access the consumption data by simply scanning the integrated QR code shown on the display.

The user/owner does also receive relevant data reports and tips for a more sustainable behavior as well as alarm reports if the health condition of the bathroom is not optimal (too high humidity with risk of mold, running toilets etc.)

IoT technology for reducing climate footprint

By nudging the user to change its shower behavior in a more sustainable direction, Aguardio directly contributes to the green agenda. Every minute under the shower costs approximately 10 liter of hot water which pulls on our shared water resources and costs in the energy balance.

Even though daily routines and established habits can be difficult to change, experiences from several pilot projects in Denmark, Spain, USA and UK during a period of 18-months, shows that the visualization of shower time has been able to nudge us to reduce the time under the shower by up to 30%.

Aguardio G2 has been awarded by Solar Impulse Foundation as one of 1000 technical solutions with potential to protect the environment and climate at market condition.

Technical specification

The system includes:

- NB-IoT technology
- LTE-M technology
- Low-power short-range technology
- Battery optimal display
- Long battery life
- Data monitoring

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